Tonći Galić

Tonći Galić
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Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing: A Journey into High Scalability, Availability and Maintainability

CQRS and Event Sourcing are patterns which have their origin in OOP environments, meant to achieve higher scalability, availability and maintainability. However they "borrow" a lot if ideas from the functional paradigm, theoretically making Elixir a good fit to develop a CQRS & ES system. In this talk we'll go through the basics of CQRS & ES, touch on some use cases & definitely avoid cases, explore how we could use Elixir to build a system upon these patterns and conclude if/what makes Elixir a good fit.

Tonći is a polyglot webdeveloper with broad range of interests & also a broad range of experience. Started out with Perl/CGI around 1999, throughout the years worked with Java, PHP & C#/.NET. Last few years focused on Ruby/Rails but now in love with Elixir/Phoenix and functional aspects of programming languages. Organizer for the Amsterdam Elixir meetup.

Github: Tuxified

Twitter: @Tuxified

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