Raphael Costa

Raphael Costa
Technical Lead at Eficiência Fiscal

I am based in Ji-Paraná, a small city in Brazil. And with other four associates, I own a software company called Eficiência Fiscal (http://eficienciafiscal.com.br), where I work as a Technical Lead.

I am an Elixir lover since day one (the fact that I love Ruby’s syntax and was in love with the Erlang’s concurrency model are to blame, I guess), and I contributed to some Elixir OS projects, live streamed a introduction to the language in portuguese some time ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eYA8c8yABU) and have been helping other people at the brazilian Telegram group and #brazil channel at Slack.

I also gave some talks, workshops and lectures on topics like Functional Programming, Ruby and Elixir.

Github: costaraphael

Twitter: @raphael_vcosta

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