Ley Missailidis

Ley	Missailidis
CxO Koan CI

Designing with Elixir

When making UI/UX decisions there is a tendency to start with pie in the sky designs that then need to be worked towards or cut due to technical or time based limitations. Although this is a valid way to work, we have found at Koan CI that working with the design in mind for our interface layer can not only be beneficial for the quality of the design but can speed it along; whether you are picking a Single Page App strategy or something else. In fact it even helps you make those strategic calls.


To show a workflow, starting from a user point of view, of the expectations that the Erlang/Elixir system needs to deliver and how to organise the top layers of your code with these in mind.

This talk will go into API design and how that affects internal modules, EEX templates and when to use non-dynamic content, Channel usage, and Phoenix.LiveView. 


Elixir Developers that are working closely to the actual public interface (not simply the public interface to the module.)

Ley Missailidis a bon vivant and beam raconteur that has been building web applications for longer than he cares to admit.

Github: polymetis

Twitter: @_polymetis_

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