Welcome to the second ElixirConf EU Virtual
Conference 7-8 October | Training 5-6 October | Online, from the comforts of your home



The premier Elixir conference in Europe

The conference is a melting pot for new ideas and inspired thinking. It took place online on 7-8 October 2020.
It brought together over 370 attendees, including 26 speakers from around the World, such as Chris McCord, Linda Achieng Otieno, Sigu Magwa, Sophie DeBenedetto and Simon de Haan.

The recordings of Keynote talks can be viewed in the "Keynote videos" section. Rest of the videos is available on YouTube - go to "All videos" section and click on playlist icon on the video in the top right corner.





Claudio Ortolina

Building things and cooking food

The Perils of large files

Evadne Wu

Won Spawnfest (2019) in multiple categories as part of The Bodgemasters

Practical Elixir streams

Veronica Lopez

Member of the Kubernetes Core Team

Bruno Ripa

Architect at Erlang Solutions

From the ground to the stars

Tonći Galić

Making myself superfluous since my first job.

Livecoding a WebAssembly interpreter

Andre Albuquerque

Keyboard builder - author and Interceptor creator

Elixir + Nerves + keys = Elixir keyboard!

Michał Olczak

Working at a bank can be fun too!

Taking Elixir live at a bank

Thomas O'Rourke

Worked on Media Player 1.0 @ Microsoft making computers do more than beep-beep.

Taking Elixir live at a bank

Victor Nascimento

Philosophy engineer who always remember the language part in the programming language expression

Developing a production OpenBank at Stone

Dániel Vámosi

A visual thinker, working on making BEAM big in the aviation industry

Visual concurrency cookbook

Guilherme de Maio

Software Engineer in love with Elixir/Erlang

Crashing BEAM applications

Rafał Studnicki

Engineer obsessed with quality and correctness.

Can we visualize software complexity?

Lucjan Suski

Co-founded a successful, bootstrapped SaaS product company which evolved from an Elixir side project.

Using Elixir for scheduling cloud-native DAG workflows


Manuel Rubio

Polyglot Developer, Manager and Coach

Ecto - everything you need to know

Devon Estes

Maintainer of Benchee & Elixir Track on Exercism.io

Elixir testing from beginner to expert

Denys Gonchar

Senior Developer at Erlang Solutions

Tracing Elixir in distributed network





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