Ben Marx

Ben Marx
Architect at Bleacher Report, co-author of Adopting Elixir

Keeping Code Consistent

Introducing Elixir and/or Phoenix to a team is not without its challenges. New languages and frameworks tend to be tech debt heavy as developers learn and iterate. At Bleacher Report, weäó»ve had great success with training developers to use Elixir by focusing on application standards, community developed tools and consistent testing practices. As a result of these practices, our code reviews are more meaningful and developers are able to move between applications with relative ease. This talk will provide app standard suggestions, lessons learned and code review guidelines that will help your organization adopt Elixir and Phoenix and enjoy all of the immense benefits they bring without incurring the heavy tech debt that generally comes with new language or framework adoption.


After years of object oriented development in PHP and Ruby, finally enjoying the benefits of programming in Elixir. Lead Developer at Bleacher Report leading the transition from Ruby and Rails to Elixir and Phoenix.

Github: bgmarx

Twitter: @bgmarx

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