Evadne Wu

Evadne Wu
Software Troublemaker

Keynote: Building a Task Queue System with GenStage, Ecto, and PostgreSQL

Most applications have background jobs that require managing. While a basic queue implementation is simple to write, it could riddle your system with tight coupling, and straddle the developers with multiple nearly-duplicate implementations.

In this talk, I will explain our design constraints for such a task queue system, and present an implementation, taking into account Elixir’s strengths in concurrency, state management, and node clustering. I will also examine the performance characteristics of such an implementation.

Evadne is a London-based technologist with a passion for data visualisation and experience in technical management. She has experience in software architecture, application prototyping, and system operations management. Evadne presently serves as the Head of Exam Systems for Faria Education Group, which is an international education SaaS company with staff in UK, EU and USA.

Github: evadne

Twitter: @evadne

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