Simon Kistler

Software Engineer at VIU Eyewear

Simon Kistler is a 33-year-old programmer and grew up in Switzerland. He likes humans, sound engineering, and vegetables. At the age of 27, he got his first job as a software engineer and was infected with the Elixir fever at the EUCONF 2017, it has never left.

From a monolith to productive umbrella app in ecommerce

Audience: Beginner

We're currently running 2 PHP monoliths. One for CH and another one for the EU. These monoliths result in bottlenecks by the fast-growing business. At some point, we decided to switch to a more flexible microservice architecture. Additionally, we want to use SAAS software if possible.

The whole migration should be done step by step and we want to start with a single market. Our System is partially live now and we're still working on it. But there is already so many learnings to talk about.