Andrea Amantini

Andrea Amantini

Distilling Elixir Like an Absolute Beginner at Nextjournal.Com

Designing a Multi-Language Live Programming Tool With Phoenix and Genstage

Nextjournal enables living documents for researchers. Our goal is to make technical writing and scientific research easily reproducible and shareable through beautiful typography and live coding tools.

In this talk I’ll show how Phoenix channels, GenStage and Erlang ports elegantly solved the complex challenges of building a multi-language, browser-based live programming environment.

Starting with a demo of our editor, this talk will cover:

Extra topics, time permitting:

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Andrea left academia 6 years ago after a PhD in Algebra and embraced software craftsmanship, inheriting a sense for coherent systems and amalgamation of structures.ty for letting him discover the elegance of the Erlang virtual machine. Andrea contributed with some more or less useful Elixir open source projects including exotic plug adapters, a phoenix OSC controller and some perceptron simulation with OTP. He uses Elixir at work, full-time.

Github: zampino

Twitter: @lo_zampino