ElixirConf EU 2023 is back!
Hybrid conference 20-21 April 2023 | Training 18-19 April | Lisbon/virtual


Join us for Europe’s largest Elixir Conference

For nearly a decade, ElixirConf EU has been the must-attend Elixir event in Europe. Every year, hundreds of developers with a passion for Elixir come together to learn about, share and inspire the progression of the Elixir ecosystem. Our events frequently include members of the core teams of Elixir’s biggest frameworks and are a hub for the announcement of new features and developments. Whether you’re new to Elixir or a seasoned Elixir developer there is something for everyone at ElixirConf EU. From in-depth Elixir training for all skill levels to immersive keynotes that bring you to the forefront of Elixir development, we are actively championing the continued growth of the Elixir community. Last year we reached over 500+ attendees so to ensure we are spreading Elixir to as wide an audience as possible, this year's event will again be run as a hybrid event, which means you can participate either online or in person in Lisbon.



Marlus Saraiva

Tech Lead at Simplebet, Inc. Creator of Broadway, ElixirSense and Surface.

Optimizing LiveView for Real-Time Applications

Giuseppe Castagna

CNRS - Université Paris Cité

Bringing Types to Elixir

Guillaume Duboc

PhD Researcher at IRIF / Remote

Bringing Types to Elixir

Evadne Wu

Bodgemaster at Heart / Programmer at Large

"Not Hotdog" Revisited

Bikram Chatterjee

DevOps Solution Architect hacking with Elixir at Helvetia Insurance

GitOps on Steroids

Lars Hesel Christensen

DevOps Solution Architect integrating stuff with Elixir

GitOps on Steroids

Joshua Plicque

Founder of Or Equals, a Phoenix LiveView consultancy

Phoenix LiveView Test Driven Development By Example

Jack Rhodes

Engineering Manager, building the platform for modern apprenticeships at Multiverse.

From Start-up to Unicorn: Scaling Teams, Impact, and Education with Elixir at Multiverse

Benjamin Milde

Senior Elixir Engineer & Co-Founder @ madeit

Wired up! - Using Ecto without Schemas

Mateusz Front

Software architect at Software Mansion / Membrane Framework

Building a framework - Membrane's journey to 1.0

Peter Ullrich

Senior Elixir Engineer @ Remote.com

Don't fight the Monolith

Ryo Wakabayashi

AI Engineer at OEC Co., Ltd. - Developing AI Services Together with AUCNET-IBS

Distributed and Parallel Image Processing on Livebook

Mat Trudel

Senior Software Engineer @ PagerDuty

Phoenix Beyond Cowboy

André Graf

DevOps Solution Architect at Helvetia Insurance

The Journey of Elixir at Helvetia Insurance






Altis Grand Hotel

R. Castilho 11
1269-072 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 213 106 000


We have secured rooms at the Altis Grand Hotel from €190 per night - to book please follow this link. The discount has been extended until 3 March.


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