Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

Product Engineer at Coverflex

Daniel started programming at the age of 10 when his brother first showed him how to make simple programs with BASIC. After that the fuse was lit and quickly his curiosity led him to Visual Basic and C, and later on with an internet connection, HTML/CSS and Javascript to make simple websites. At college, he studied computer science and networking. Working professionally with Elixir since 2017, Daniel is currently helping Coverflex creating the next-generation flexible benefits platform for companies and employees - the bank of the employee.

Opening a Black Box: Observability in a Complex System

Modern distributed systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Considering this, finding the root cause of problems can be extremely difficult and time-consuming without proper tooling.
On this session I’ll explore some architectural and design approaches that can make your life easier. I’ll also explore a tool built with Phoenix LiveView that offers the basics of observability and provides real time visual feedback on a complex distributed system with event sourcing and asynchronous processes. This is a journey into making our life easier!

Talk objectives:

  • Sharing the struggles of building, understanding and debugging a complex system in production environments and what I have learned along the way.
  • Understanding how architectural decisions can make observability easier.
  • Demonstrating how Phoenix LiveView helped create a simple visual real-time solution.

Target audience:

  • Elixir developers and software architects running Elixir in production.