Welcome to ElixirConf EU 2022
Hybrid conference 7-8 April 2022 | Training 4-6 April | London/virtual



Join the premiere European conference for Elixir developers

ElixirConf EU, co-organised by ElixirConf and Code Sync, is the the event to join if you're looking for knowledge and community of Elixir. It's a conference bringing the best speakers in the community together, for two days of first-rate Elixir talks and a day of tutorials. To make sure everyone felt safe and comfortable, we're running a HYBRID event, combining both an in-person and virtual conference. Read more about it here.

  • Discover what’s new in Elixir
  • Learn new tools, techniques and best practices
  • Opportunities to network with Elixir professionals in a friendly environment
  • Stay current with Elixir developments in 2022 and beyond
  • Get first-class, industry recognised, Elixir training 
  • Find out how Elixir is being adopted by industry





Cocoa Xu

Author of Evision, PhD Student @ The University of Glasgow

Bringing OpenCV to the Elixir world

Elle Imhoff

Software Archeologist and Entomologist. Creator of IntelliJ Elixir.

IntelliJ Elixir works even if your code doesn't

Jean Parpaillon

Distributed systems enthusiast, open source advocate

Nerves and SNMP - just relax and use it

Łukasz Niemier

Makes Elixir better at machine-to-machine conversations

"config.exs is simple" and other lies

Andrew Ek

Once ate two pizzas on a dare, and only regretted it a little bit

Get Your CRUD Together!

Ryan Young

One of the original architects of Etsy Payments, Engineer @ Spotify

A Blueprint for Intuitive Internal Elixir Ecosystems

Roland Tritsch

The Extreme Digital Nomad. Writing code. Always and everywhere.

Micro-Services and Events: Friends or Foes?

Elijah Scheele

Amateur mycologist, VP Engineering @ Drift Biotechnologies

Distributed Computational Workloads with Nx and Nerves

Anton Satin

Professional sceptic, Software Developer @ Mindvalley

Exploring Elixir project re-compilation

Adam Lancaster

Elixir Core Contributor, Software Engineer @ Duffel

It's A-Live(book)

Tonći Galić

Fullsnack Software Developer, Amsterdam |> Elixir

Automating the automator

Nikola Begedin

Elixir enthusiast. Actual fan of JavaScript. Remote worker since before it was cool.

Building a block-based editor in Phoenix Live View


Parker Selbert

Author of Oban, Partner @ Soren, Chief Architect @ Dscout

Oban 101 201 (virtual)

Shannon Selbert

Author of Oban, Partner @ Soren

Oban 101 201 (virtual)

Laura M. Castro

Professor and lead researcher @ University of A Coruña

Why On Earth Would I Test If I Have To Just Let It Crash



We are pleased to announce that thanks to Multiverse's support, ElixirConf EU 2022 is implementing a Diversity Scheme. The goal of the programme is to improve diversity at the conference and to offer support to those in the tech community who would not otherwise be able to attend, aimed at (but not restricted to) women, people from ethic minorities and people with disabilities.



ILEC Conference Centre

IBIS London Earls Court
47 Lillie Road
London, SW6 1UD, UK

+44 (0)20 7666 8470



Your safety and the safety of others is of the utmost importance to us as organisers and ILEC Conference Centre.

All attendees must present one of the following:

  • A negative COVID test dated no more than 72 hours prior to the conference (both quick test and PCR test are accepted)
  • Proof of vaccination (either in writing, on a card, or a digital certificate in an app)

We will also ask you to sign a waiver form signed a day prior to the conference via conference app or signed on paper on the day of the conference.

Do not attend if you or anyone you have been in contact with has shown any symptoms of COVID 72 hours prior.

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April is coming close and though the pandemic situation is not yet fully contained, we’re optimistic to meet with you in London and we will make sure not only to deliver a great experience, but also that it’s delivered in a safe environment. However, we’re also keeping in mind that by then not everyone will be able to travel, therefore, we’ve decided to make ElixirConf EU a hybrid event, combining both an in-person and virtual conference.

There will be two different categories of tickets going on sale at the same time - for the in-person conference and training and for virtual conference attendance.

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Covid-19 safety guidelines


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Hybrid conference - what to expect? + Frequently Asked Auestions


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Covid-19 safety guidelines


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Exciting elixir frameworks from the june 2020 conference


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