Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim

Fernando Hamasaki de Amorim

Principal Engineer @ Vio.com

Passionate software engineer with 20+ years of experience, now and then contributing to open source projects. Currently building Elixir applications at Vio.com to get every traveler the best accommodation deal, worldwide. Amateur basketball player, husband of a beautiful woman, and father of a young promising footballer.

Architectural and Codewise Learnings Building a Successful Elixir Application

After more than 4 years running a successful Elixir application built from scratch, there are a lot of learnings, gotchas, challenges, and good and painful parts along the way.

You will see examples of real code showing how Elixir can be pure love, as well as solutions for simple recurring problems (that sometimes are not so simple) and complex common scenarios.

Furthermore, see practical techniques, coding standards and guidelines that can make your Elixir code uniform, more readable and easier to maintain.