Parker Selbert

Parker Selbert

Oban Core Team

Parker Selbert is a developer with a passion for building things both virtual and physical. He is the creator of Oban background job framework, chief architect at dscout, and partners with his wife at Soren building Oban Web and Pro.

Scaling Oban Applications

Perhaps you’ve heard the common refrain that relational database backed queues don’t scale. Well, times have changed, databases have improved, and for Elixir the BEAM gives us a leg up. Every day real-world applications use Oban to process tens-of-millions of a jobs a day across clusters of all sizes.

Come learn about the common pain-points impacting the growth of Oban applications and how you can avoid them. Together, we’ll identify the underlying causes of common problems and explore step-by-step strategies to mitigate them (spoiler, it’s bloat).

Armed with a better understanding of how Oban operates at scale, you can prevent common issues before you encounter them and plan for the future as your application booms.