Jonatan Kłosko

Jonatan Kłosko

Software Developer at Dashbit

Jonatan is an open source developer working at Dashbit, the creator of Livebook, Kino and co-creator of Bumblebee. He also wrote the Elixir grammar for Tree-sitter to make your code on GitHub look more shiny. Jonatan overdoses tea on daily basis and enjoys throwing cat images into Neural Networks. He used to solve the Rubik’s Cube quickly, now it takes him several seconds.

Powerful Machine Learning at Your Fingertips

Two years ago Nx laid the foundation for efficient numerical computation in Elixir. Soon followed Axon bringing the building blocks for training and running Neural Networks. At this talk we will focus on a new part of the story - Bumblebee - and we will see how using powerful models is just a few lines of code (or clicks) away.

Talk objectives:

  • Show how the Elixir community is building a streamlined Machine Learning experience and lowering the barrier to get from idea to deployment.
  • Also, to get you excited about a new category of applications and the future.

Target audience:

  • Anyone interested in the capabilities offered by Machine Learning.