Create An Airbnb Clone Using Phoenix Liveview




Fast track your learning journey in Phoenix LiveView by building a clone of AirBnB using the cool new features in Phoenix 1.7 in a practical, task oriented exercise covering every single feature in LiveView. The training is designed to give you confidence in building your next LiveView project while giving a meaningful way to understand these cool features of Phoenix 1.7 and in LiveView in a practical context.

Training objectives:

Attendees will learn all the features of Phoenix LiveView. They will get a complete code base of a working mini-AirBnB clone to learn. Attendees are expected to have basic Elixir language, but by the end of the training, they will be able to understand the full flow of control from request to response with all the Elixir magic in-between demystified.

Training prerequisites:

Basic understanding of Elixir and Phoenix is needed. Phoenix 1.7 installed with postgresql. I will be providing a Github repo ahead of the training which will contain the skeleton codebase, necessary style sheets and some sample data which needs to be cloned to have a smooth learning experience and to follow along the training session.

Experience level: