GitOps on Steroids


In this talk we will see how the Elixir patterns such as State Machine, Templating and custom behaviors are used as building blocks for a GitOps based Self-Service platform.

The Self-Service automatically validates Git pull requests with a fast-feedback-loop and interactively engages relevant corporate stakeholders in the review and approval process.

Additionally, external approval workflows are orchestrated when required. Once approved the self-service provisions all required resources in real-time using state of the art infrastructure design principles.


  • Pull Request State Machine
  • Elixir Templating with EEx
  • Terraform Workspace Manager
  • Confluent Terraform Provider
  • AWS Terraform Provider
  • OpenAPI Specification v3

Target audience:

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Platform Integration Engineers
  • Cloud Automation Engineers




Tags: GitOps, Terraform, Templating