Zac Barnes

Zac Barnes

SWE @ Ramp

Zac Barnes has been working with Elixir for 6 years in large and small companies. Having tried multiple other languages, Elixir has easily won his heart. He currently works for Ramp and leads the authorization team. When not coding, Zac has taken to baking (like everyone else during COVID) and playing pickleball with his wife.

Telemetry: Now what?

Telemetry is a beautiful tool but how do you use it? If you are like me, you read the docs and saw how the functions work but couldn’t piece together the best ways to implement them. What patterns are there? How can I use it to create my metrics and extend my tracing? My goal with this talk is to help teams take the pieces they find about telemetry and show them how to work it into a production application. We will go over different patterns we use at Ramp and things to watch out for.

Talk objectives:

  • Show how to fit the piece of telemetry together in a working application
  • Show some pitfalls of telemetry
  • How to use telemetry to extend tracing and metrics

Target audience:

People who are new to Elixir or whose team has just adopted it and need help getting the instrumentation setup in the Elixir way.