Lively LiveView with Membrane

Lars Wikman


A showcase of what the Membrane Framework enables us to do in terms of live video, audio and such.

LiveView lets us do interactivity and fun realtime presentations. Membrane lets us feed LiveView with video, audio and data such as audio levels, thumbnails and other stream processing goodies. This talk should cover some set of these parts.

Depending on where progress is at in the surrounding ecosystem there might be a touch of Nx and ML, evision and OpenCV or we keep it approachable with focus on video and audio.

Talk objectives:

  • Show people what they can do in Elixir with video and audio.
  • Give attention to an underrated and very impressive community project (Membrane).

Target audience:

  • Anyone that already knows how to write Elixir or wants inspiration for reasons to learn it.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: Sound, Video, Fun