The Journey of Elixir at Helvetia Insurance

André Graf


In this talk we share our experiences of introducing Elixir at a major Swiss insurance company.

Helvetia recently adopted Elixir to replace several complex Jenkins pipelines that powered a Git-Ops based self-service for governance, provisioning and configuration of our Kafka streaming platform.

The initial success opened the possibility to implement further self-services with similar features for our API platform as well as supporting services in Elixir.

During this talk we try to answer the following questions:

  • Why did we choose Elixir for this journey and why not something else?
  • Why did we not stay with technologies already established in the organization?
  • How did the organization see the benefit of adopting Elixir as the best fit for this domain?
  • How did the organization get amazed by the power of Elixir?

Target audience:

  • Software engineers in corporate jobs who want to bring Elixir on the table * Project/product managers
  • Dev Ops engineers
  • Everyone else curious about using Elixir in an enterprise setting

Level: Introductory and overview

Tags: Enterprise, Use-Case, Git-Ops