ElectricSQL - Local-first SQL with Elixir

James Arthur


Local-first is a new paradigm for developing apps, where you code against an embedded database in the client and have reactive, realtime, multi-user sync in the background.

ElectricSQL is a new, open-source, platform for local-first development that works with standard Postgres and SQLite. This talk introduces the ElectricSQL system and dives into its core replication technology, developed in Elixir.

Talk objectives:

  1. To introduce the ElectricSQL system and the local-first software development paradigm.
  2. To illustrate how Elixir is/can be used to develop a cutting edge new distributed database platform.

Target audience:

  • Generalist developers (backend, frontend and full stack).
  • Distributed systems engineers.

Level: Intermediate

Tags: Local-first, SQL, Elixir