Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein

Conjurer of Cheap Tricks

Machine Learning with Elixir and Phoenix

Machine learning is a popular and rapidly growing field these days, but there aren’t a lot of machine learning tools available in Elixir; some in the programming community have even suggested that BEAM isn’t suited enough to the necessary number crunching to do serious machine learning work. Not so! In this talk, we’ll walk through training a home-grown neural network written in Elixir on financial data from the S&P 500, then develop a Phoenix application to use that network to try to predict stock prices.



Eric is currently a senior software engineering lead at Hulu, where he builds internal tools, and a masters student at Georgia Tech, where he studies machine learning. He enjoys writing Elixir, Clojure, Idris, Ruby, and Swift.

Github: ericqweinstein

Twitter: @ericqweinstein