Makis Otman

Makis Otman

Software Gardener @ 8th Light

Tutorial: Microservices under the Umbrella

After a brief introduction of Umbrella applications, we will build a web app and see how this approach pushes us towards a modular design.

You will be given a code skeleton in the form of a puzzle. Your task will be to fill in the gaps by implementing different services. Putting those services together at the end of the day will form the whole system.

During this process we will see how one can utilise an OTP app in a progressive manner. We will go from using one as an internal dependency to a separate service altogether.

To achieve the latter we will utilise Distributed Erlang as the glue between the apps.

To wrap up, we will see what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of our architecture and have a discussion on the lessons learned.

Pairing will be encouraged but it will not be mandatory.

Tutorial objectives:

In this workshop we will build and deploy different OTP apps using umbrella applications, TDD and Distributed Erlang.

Main areas covered:


Target audience:

Makis and Georgina are software consultants with a passion for high quality software and helping people build better products. They have delivered training in Elixir, helped build the Elixir Koans and contributed to the Elixir language. Outside of programming Makis likes to read books and watch football and Georgina likes running and playing the violin.

Github: Maikon

Twitter: @MakisOtman