Ian Duggan

Software engineer at Twitch

SPAs Without the SPA

Are you jealous of how quickly your Javascript friends can whip up front-end Single Page Applications? Confused about React, Angular, Vue, and all that other nonsense? You don’t need any of that to rapidly build reactive, responsive, usable, performant, and easy-to-iterate on web applications. Come learn how to build the whole thing without leaving the comfort of Elixir or the Server. Look Ma!

Software engineer at Twitch and recovering technology entrepreneur. I have been dabbling in Elixir for the past few years or so and very much enjoy it. I play guitar and ukelele, and am learning the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and how to fly a Cessna 120. I’m also an avid ice hockey player, playing several times a week as time allows.

Github: ijcd

Twitter: @ijcd