Łukasz Gurdek


Training: Gotta query’em all! — Powerful UIs with GraphQL and Relay in Elixir

As more and more companies start using GraphQL as their API language, familiarity with the technology becomes crucial for today’s developers. Thanks to the Absinthe GraphQL library, writing a robust backend application exposing GraphQL endpoint in Elixir is a piece of cake. In this course we’ll learn what the GraphQL is, how to create a Phoenix application with Ecto backend and a GraphQL API and how to write a client frontend in React.js and integrate Relay on both sides.

Course TLDR

• Introduction • GraphQL intro • Building a Phoenix application with GraphQL API (using Absinthe GraphQL library) • React.JS koans • Introduction to Relay • Building a simple React/Relay UI for the backend

Target audience

Beginner, Intermediate

Trainers are: Łukasz Gurdek and Stanisław Chmiela.

Full-stack developer at Software Mansion (since 2015). Final year student (M.Sc. in computer science). Programming mostly in Ruby and maintaining company’s server infrastructure. Also experienced in Elixir and JavaScript.

Github: ukasiu