Wojtek Mach

Developer at Dashbit

Wojtek Mach is a developer based in Kraków, Poland. He works at Dashbit helping organisations adopt and run Elixir in production as well as advance the Elixir Open Source ecosystem. He is a member of Hex, Ecto, and ExDoc core teams. He is also the creator of MyXQL, Livebook Desktop, and Req HTTP client.

Building Livebook Desktop

Livebook Desktop is the easiest way to install Livebook on macOS and Windows. It’s a one-click installer that contains Livebook, Elixir, OTP, and all the other dependencies.

In this talk you’ll learn how we build Livebook Desktop and what challenges we faced. The underlying technology is all open source and you will learn how to distribute your own application on desktops too!

Talk objectives:

  1. Give context on Livebook Desktop, why we created it and what problems we think it solves.
  2. Share our lessons with building cross-platform solution.