Building an Elixir Community in a Country from Scratch

Doğukan Zorlu


How can we build a community in a country of 80 million where there are not even 10 Elixir/Erlang Developers? Or what can we do to spread Elixir from scratch? Our adventure starts right here. As developers who believe in the power of Elixir and that high added value can be produced, we builded the Turkey Elixir Community and we train 10s of developers every year and strive to make Elixir widespread in the sector.

Talk objectives:

  • To make the Turkish elixir community known by other countries’ communities. * To inspire developers to use Elixir for appropriate purposes within their companies.

Target audience:

  • New community managers
  • Beginners to Elixir
  • Developers who want to use Elixir in companies but have trouble convincing other developers

Introductory and overview

VIRTUAL, Community, Inspire, Convince