Phoenix LiveView Test Driven Development By Example

Joshua Plicque


You’ve heard it rumored that you can code faster and more confidently with test driven development. But everytime you try…those claims let you down.

With strong test coverage, you can refactor without fear. You can deploy with confidence and assurance. You get feedback on whether your code works instantaneously, in development, not in production.

This talk is a 30 minute live coding session where we build an Phoenix LiveView application from the ground up test-first, with maximum confidence and maximum speed!

See with your own eyes the power of test-driven-development.

Talk objectives:

  • To display, without question, the power, the assurance, and the speed of test driven development.

Target audience:

  • Intermediate and Advanced Elixir Developers.
  • For those interested in test driven development.
  • And to prove to naysayers that it truly is an elite style of productive code development.


VIRTUAL, Live Coding, LiveView