Wired up! - Using Ecto without Schemas

Benjamin Milde


Schemas are an important part of using ecto, but sometimes you don’t know the content to handle in advance. Get to know some of the important features ecto provides, which allow it to remain a useful toolkit even when skipping such an integral part of it.

Learn how to provide a custom query language backed by ecto and how to use it for querying database tables unknown at compile time.

We’ll be taking some of my favourite CMS’ – ProcessWire – underlying implementations for data querying and storage layout and reimagine those using ecto.

Talk objectives:

  • Teaching lesser-known, but useful features of ecto in dealing with dynamic or user provided content/data

Target audience:

  • Anyone who has used ecto before, but wants to use it in more dynamic situations than classic tutorials show.


Schemaless, Ecto, Querying