Dive Into Webrtc With Jellyfish And Membrane




In last few years, WebRTC became the technology that runs the world. Classes, stand-ups, conferences - everything can now became remote mainly thanks to this standard.
During this training you’ll see how to use Elixir-based media server Jellyfish built on top of Membrane Framework to create your own WebRTC-enabled app.
We’ll start with the short introduction to the WebRTC itself, then we’ll set-up a Jellyfish server and next we’ll explore the opportunities to extend its capabilities with Membrane pipelines.

Training objectives:

  • Learn the basics of WebRTC technology
  • See Jellyfish in action
  • Explore building a web app with real-time video communication

Training prerequisites:


  • Elixir, basics of writing web apps in Phoenix with JavaScript/TypeScript
  • macOS or Linux (preferably Ubuntu LTS), so Windows users will need a VM;
  • Elixir ~> 1.14.0 and OTP ~> 25.0 installed via https://github.com/asdf-vm/asdf;
  • brew on macOS, Docker, git, favourite IDE/editor with support for Elixir and TypeScript (VSCode is recommended)

Experience level: