Claudio Ortolina

Claudio Ortolina

Head of Elixir @ Erlang Solutions

Rewriting a Ruby application in Elixir

Dragonfly is a fairly popular Ruby library to manage file uploads and it includes a Rack server to serve those files back. This talk is a postmortem of a rewrite of this server component in Elixir, so that it can be used to process Dragonfly-compatible urls with improved performance. The talk will focus on the structure of the application, managing pools of workers, pattern matching to simplify complex Ruby logic, interacting with external tools (like streaming data back and forth from Imagemagick) and deployment considerations.

Target audience: Beginners - Medium



Claudio works as Head of Elixir at Erlang Solutions Ltd. He’s a software engineer with more than 5 years of commercial experience in complex web applications and apis, with expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Elm and JavaScript. He previously worked at New Bamboo Web Development Ltd. (now part of Thoughtbot Inc.) in London, UK.

Github: cloud8421

Twitter: @cloud8421