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Ian Luites

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Wobserver: Easy to Integrate Monitoring and Debugging

Erlang comes packed with a great tool for manually monitoring, debugging, and visualizing Elixir processes: observer. However, it is not always possible to use observer to monitor due to restrictions in the current world of mixed ecosystems, micro services, and docker containers. We offer a new solution :wobserver. It will allow you to directly monitor any node, while offering additional options like:

In the talk we will go through the background of the project and show you how to mount :wobserver into a Phoenix application, hook it up to Prometheus, and deploy it behind a load balancer.



Ian is a Backend Developer at Square Enix, where he focusses on perfecting processes, creative coding, and tailor-made tools. He enjoys ethical hacking, video games, blacksmithing, and whiskey.

Github: IanLuites