Fernando Mendes


Knee Deep Into P2P

What happens when you don’t like centralized things? You do P2P! I created a distributed smart office using Elixir that runs in a single P2P network. There are a lot of subtleties into this. How can we prevent someone from entering the network? How do we manage shared data? What topology do we use? How about nodes that are unrealiable and we are not sure when they will connect or disconnect? What if YOU want to add a node and we can’t trust you to deliver messages? I will use the office as an example and teach you how different the reasoning between a web-like centralised context and a P2P distributed system is. We will go from simple P2P topologies (gossip, trees) to more complex ones (Gnutella2, HyParView, Plumtrees), analyse their problems and take a look at what CRDTs are and how awesome they can be for shared data.



Mendes exchanges coffee for code. He has a background in Distributed Systems and Cryptography, having won multiple national awards for academic excellence. He also does a lot of volunteering, being the founder of #include and the champion of CoderDojo Braga. '); DROP TABLE speakers; --

Github: fribmendes

Twitter: @fribmendes