Máté Marjai

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Training: Elixir on its best behaviour

Learn the basics of Elixir on a fun day of solving puzzles and exploring the OTP behaviours.

* Crash course on Elixir syntax and gotchas
* Solve a few code katas to get familiar with functional programming and the powerhouse that Elixir is using pattern matching, processes, etc.
* Introduction to OTP behaviours - gen_server, gen_statem(a.k.a. gen_fsm), gen_event, etc.
* OTP apps and supervisors - how do they work? what are they good for?
* We’ll write together an Elixir app from the ground up using all what we’ve seen today

The goal of the course that anyone coming in the morning will walk away with more understanding on what goes on inside an Elixir (or Erlang) application. Understanding the terms and practices with fun examples and code katas (simple problems to solve). The settings is more closer to a workshop, where people can present their solutions and discuss the pros and cons of them. Then during the second half of the day, we’ll build on what we’ve learnt with writing a full Elixir application together from the ground up. Using all the things that we heard about before, putting them into a real life example.

Target audience would be beginners to Elixir, but advanced users are welcome too if they’d like to flex their muscles a bit. The course will provide a nice introduction to Elixir first, then diving deeper in the roots of the language, exploring the underlying OTP behaviours. Previous knowledge of Erlang or functional programming is not essential.

Course TLDR

Learn the basics of Elixir on a fun day of solving code katas and exploring OTP behaviours.

Target audience

Beginner, Intermediate

Máté has been working with different technology over the years ranging from Ruby, Erlang and Javascript. He enjoys writing applications and software that is used and loved by people.

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