Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Programmer, speaker, founder, CEO Cultivate Software

How to Build a Slack-Controlled, Saxophone-Playing Robot (on Wheels) Using Elixir and Nerves

Starting with a brief explanation for why Elixir is an excellent choice for embedded systems, we will look at how to building a cool Elixir robot, using [Nerves]( ​ You will learn how to: ​ * get started (often the hardest part) * structure an embedded OTP appplication * customise an embedded linux using Buildroot/Nerves * control your robot using an embedded web server * control your robot with [Slack]( ​ You will leave this presentation with more than just inspiration; you will have an actionable plan to make something fun with embedded Elixir. You will also have a genuine stepping stone towards creating a robust and secure _Internet of Things_ product.

Talk objectives

The audience should leave with a clear understanding of how to get started with embedded Elixir. It will be a practical, rather than purely inspirational talk.

Target audience

Those with some Elixir knowledge, but no experience of using Nerves to embed Elixir.



Paul is a coder with over 20 years experience, including working with C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Ruby, and Elixir. Paul has spoken at various conferences including RubyConf, Elixir Conf EU, The Naked Agilist, Agile Scotland, XP Conf. While Paul is now CEO of Cultivate Software, he still codes and is overly proud of the small contributions he has made to Elixir Core, Nerves, and Phoenix.

Github: paulanthonywilson

Twitter: @paulanthonywils