Arkadiusz Gil

Arkadiusz Gil

Software Engineer at Erlang Solutions

Telemetry …and metrics for all

In this talk, we’ll look at Telemetry, a new project for metrics and monitoring in the Elixir ecosystem. Telemetry provides libraries for gathering monitoring data from libraries and applications. It’s already integrated with Ecto and is coming soon to Phoenix. We’ll go through the design and thought process behind it, discuss the rationale for the not-so-obvious decisions, and most importantly, see the bright future of using a unified monitoring solution throughout the community.


This talk aims to introduce the audience to the Telemetry project and describe the ideas behind it. It will dispel any doubts about it and encourage the whole community to use it in their projects.


Engineers who care about monitoring their Elixir systems. However it is really everyone within the Elixir community. One of the goals of this talk is to encourage beginners and experts alike, to start caring about monitoring.

I’m a CS student and a software developer. I’m working at Erlang Solutions where I’m a part of the team developing a communication platform. Elixir and Erlang were my first professionally used programming languages, which has sparked my interest in distributed systems and functional programming. When not crafting software or dreaming of static type system for the BEAM, I enjoy running and doing yoga.

Github: arkgil

Twitter: @_arkgil