Péter Gömöri

Péter Gömöri

BEAM Enthusiast, XProf maintainer

Gradualizer: the practical challenges of implementing a type checker

Type systems and gradual typing is beautiful and we would all love to have a type checker for Elixir that finds all type errors at compile time. But let’s put the theory away and see what are the every-day difficulties of implementing such a type checker and testing it properly, maybe with property-based testing?


After this talk we will value the many years of development and discipline that was put in Dialyzer and also see what added-value Gradualizer can have.


Developers interested in type-checking.

Peter spent quite a few years at Ericsson where he became an Erlang native. Later, he utilised his experience in various other industries from sports-betting to online advertisement at Erlang Solutions. Recently, he has joined Appliscale to fight cloud-scale systems.

Github: gomoripeti