Devon Estes

Devon Estes

Elixir Track Maintainer on Exercism.Io

Training: Elixir Testing - From Zero to Hero

Date: 28 April

Venue: Centrum Konferencyjne, Golden Floor Tower, ul. Chłodna 51, 00-867 Warszawa



Testing your application might seem simple at first, but there’s more than meets the eye to writing a really great test suite. In this training, we’ll quickly recap the basics of unit testing before moving on to some of the trickier tests that we might need to write.

We’ll cover unit testing our GenServers, integration testing with Wallaby, and then finish up with stateless and stateful property-based testing with PropEr. You’ll come away from this training prepared to test anything that might come your way!

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Devon is an independent software development consultant specializing in Elixir and Erlang applications. He has helped companies large and small in Europe and the United States benefit from the power of the BEAM. He is also a writer, international conference speaker, and committed supporter of open source software as a maintainer of Benchee and the Elixir track on, as well as a frequent contributor to Elixir.

Github: devonestes

Twitter: @devoncestes