Aswin Mohan

Aswin Mohan

Solo Founder building his first startup in Elixir and loving every second of it

Aswin started coding at 14, made his first bootable Operating System at 16. He really loves the freedom that Open Source brings to our life (not the freedom about privacy, but the freedom to modify and customise our software to our liking down to the source). Aswin loves giving back to the software and the supporting community that he uses either in code contributions, testing out features or hanging around in the issue tracker.

Getting to Phoenix LiveView, A journey through NextJS, Hasura, FaunaDB, Supabase, Rails and Vanilla Phoenix

* Choosing the right tech stack for your startup can be hard * Rundown of current tools for building your Startup, advantages of each. * First-mile advantage vs marathon advantage of technology * Why Pheonix LiveView is a great fit for 90% of Startups * Real-world Performance of LiveView * How to write maintainable LiveView apps * Testing LiveView apps, the best thing about LiveView * How to learn to write real-world apps in LiveView.

Talk objectives:

Phoenix LiveView is a relatively new but mature platform. Still, developers are reluctant to choose it because of doubts about its real-world performance, user experience and how much of an advantage it provides over traditional SPA’s. Having implemented the MVP of my startup IndiePaper in different technologies ranging from SPA’s to Rails to Vanilla Pheonix Apps I have first-hand experience on the advantages and disadvantages of each platform compared to LiveView. I want to showcase LiveView as a mature platform ready for real-world use and educate developers on why they should give it a chance. I also want to give a roadmap on how to get started professional-grade Elixir and LiveView apps, ranging from code organisation to testing.

Target audience:

The talk will be for developers who are on the fence about using LiveView in their next project. No prior experience with Elixir or Phoenix is required. It will also be beneficial for the experienced Phoenix developer currently evaluating LiveView and want to see what sort of advantages it brings to the table and how it performs on real-world tests.