Barnabas Jovanovics

Barnabas Jovanovics

Ash Core Team Member

When Barnabas started to work, he was doing an apprenticeship as an electrician. After finishing that and looking for something new, he started working as a Service Technician at LTW, where he could combine Travel with Work. After a couple of years of doing that, Barnabas could switch departments inside the company. There he was programming Siemens PLCs to run the Stacker Cranes. He then started to get his A-Levels and earned his BSc in Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg. Barnabas started working as a Software Engineer on the side in the third semester and have mostly worked in Web Technologies since then.

Migrating to Elixir made easy with Ash

Our journey into Elixir started last year. We chose Ash as an integral part of our stack. The talk will showcase the features of Ash we used to create our Graphql Backend, as well as the escape hatches we used to get all we needed done. It should also highlight what we learned about Ash along the way and the more advanced features like writing your own extensions to centralize common functionality.

I gave an initial version of this talk at Elixir Australia and would like to go a bit deeper into some of the features mentioned.