Christopher Miller

Software Engineer @ Corvus Insurance, AI Engineer @ Life

Chris has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a deep passion for languages, encompassing both spoken and programming languages. Chris’s programming journey began with Haskell, which fostered a love for elegant, functional code. At Corvus Insurance, Chris contributes to building a world-class underwriting platform using Elm and Elixir, skillfully combining expertise to develop innovative, AI-driven applications. Outside of work, Chris shares his coding journey and insights through the YouTube channel, CodeNextDoor. Blending a strong mathematical background with a linguistic curiosity, Chris continually explores new frontiers in AI and software development.

Building the Future: Gen-AI Programming Synthesis with Elixir at SpawnFest

Discover how Sector E(LLM) explored the landscape of programming synthesis in just 48 hours during SpawnFest. Our journey into integrating Gen-AI with Elixir and Phoenix LiveView culminated in an innovative application capable of generating and displaying compiled Elm apps live. From the initial brainstorm to navigating the intense 48-hour hackathon, I’ll share our journey of planning, building, and the breakthroughs we experienced. This talk will offer insights into our innovative approach to programming, the challenges we overcame, and the lessons learned in melding different technologies into a cohesive application. We will explore concepts including Basecamp’s Shape Up methodology, the potentials of Generative AI, the art of Prompt Engineering, and the application of CRC (Construct, Reduce, Convert) in Elixir. You’ll gain insights into practical, innovative approaches to software development.