De Wet Blomerus

De Wet Blomerus

I successfully taught several people how to code, starting with the basics

De Wet Blomerus (sounds like “The Vet”) is married to his best friend, Marysol. They live in Atlanta and together they are raising our three young kids. De Wet is an audiobook devourer, and burger connoisseur, he can ride a wheelie on his bicycle, and he built their kitchen cabinets himself.
Elixir gives De Wet a drive and excitement about programming that he has not felt for other technologies in a long time.

Why Is My LiveView Slow and What Can I Do About It?

LiveView comes out the gate blazing-fast. But if you run into performance issues, the process for diagnosing and tuning it to be snappy again is a bit different than traditional web applications. Come learn how.

Talk objectives:

  • Give you the tools you need to diagnose and performance tune your LiveView.

Target audience:

  • Anyone that works on LiveView and is not an Elixir performance expert.