Federico Carrone

Engineer, Investor and Founder at LambdaClass

Federico is an Engineer, Investor and Founder at LambdaClass, where he specializes in distributed systems, blockchain infrastructure and cryptography. LambdaClass explores these areas in their technical blog, where they have posted about Erlang, LFE LFE and Elixir, among other topics.

The company has been developing in BEAM languages for over 10+ years. Federico has given lectures on Cryptography, functional programming, applied mathematics and distributed systems at different venues.

In 2023, Federico founded a game development division which built its own game backend using Elixir and Rust.

Lambda - An Open Source Backend for Videogames built in Elixir

LambdaClass is building a scalable, fault-tolerant open source game backend using Elixir and Rust. With over a decade of experience building backend systems, we set out to compete in the gaming market. We hoped there would be a cost-efficient and reliable backend solution available to build upon, but after a quick glance at the market, we knew we had to build our own. Although we still have ways to go, we have a working solution that we’re already building games upon. And to help others on the same journey, we decided to not only open-source the backend but all of the game code and game assets, from 3D models to music. The particular challenge we had to solve was building a solution where a centralized server, which holds the source of truth for the game state, exchanges messages with a large amount of clients, and updates its state in real time. We’ll go through our many iterations, explain our decision-making process and show how our game improved as its backend matured.