Gonçalo Tomás

Gonçalo Tomás

Software Engineer

Gonçalo Tomás is a Software Engineer from Portugal. He started his career in 2019 as an Erlang programmer and switched over to Elixir two years later. When he isn’t working or parenting a baby / toddler duo, he enjoys boardgames, videogames and writing Elixir code for fun.

Building a Multiplayer Browser Game with LiveView

Join us in building out a multiplayer browser game using Phoenix LiveView, where we’ll bring back a game genre that was played by millions of people in the 2000s!

In this talk we’ll discover the interesting challenges of building and scaling a real-time strategy game and learn how we can breathe new life into a classic game by leveraging AI agents. We’ll also cover other components required to fully deploy the game, look into admin menus and consider techniques to discover cheaters.

Reflecting on our implementation, we get a glimpse at the server backend of massively successful mobile games like Clash of Clans and Battle for the Galaxy.