Hans Elias Josephsen

Hans Elias Josephsen

Rustler Author, Lumen Core Team Member

Hans is a software engineer from Norway, who works primarily with Rust and Elixir. He is the original author of the Rustler project, a library for writing NIFs safely with Rust. He also wrote Eir, the compiler front- and middle-end for Lumen.

Introducing LiveData: LiveView for JSON endpoints

LiveView has provided a new way of making interactive UIs with Phoenix. However, it also has its limits. You can only work with HTML-based user interfaces in the browser. LiveData attempts to generalize the ideas behind LiveView to work with JSON, which has a wide range of uses:

* Easy integration with Javascript apps

* LiveView-like development of mobile apps

* Redux pattern over the network

This talk will give an introduction to the tech behind LiveData, before diving into some potential applications.

Talk objectives:

Announce and provide an introduction to the LiveData library I have been working on for a while.

Target audience:

Anyone with an interest in Phoenix/LiveView, and how it can be generalized to work with JSON data.