João Vilaça

Open-Source Contributor for KubeVirt | Software Engineer at RedHat

João Vilaça is a software engineer working on the KubeVirt project with Red Hat, focusing on monitoring and observability. João has used multiple monitoring tools throughout his career and believes maintaining a good set of custom metrics and alerts is essential to troubleshooting and identifying problems. João’s goal is to continue improving observability tools and best practices, hoping to see more organizations adopting these ideas in order to improve their businesses.

Tracing and Instrumenting Elixir Applications - From Zero to Hero

In this session, developers will learn how to trace and instrument their Elixir applications to improve performance and fix issues quickly. We will start with the basics of tracing and instrumentation, explaining why they are important. Attendees will then be introduced to various tracing tools and the OpenTelemetry library. Through a demo, attendees will learn how to set up tracing, analyze trace data, and fine-tune their applications. Real-world examples will show how tracing and instrumentation solve complex issues in live environments. By the end, attendees will have the practical skills to effectively trace and instrument their Elixir applications. This session is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their Elixir applications’ performance and reliability.