Katelynn Burns

Software Engineer at Launch Scout

A software engineer at Launch Scout with a background in Psychology and education. Katelynn has a Bachelors degree in psychology and is a bootcamp graduate from the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy. Experience with Javascript and Elixir. Katelynn has been engineering for over two years as a full stack developer.

Bumblebee Training: Training your Pre-trained Models

Follow my lead and we’ll become the queen bees if machine learning! Using pre-trained models can be a great way to integrate machine learning without having to start from scratch. Using a model right out of the box though leads to an overwhelmed model and developer. Let’s teach our models what data we’re actually interested in to help smooth the process. We’re going to be using a pre-trained bumblebee model and giving it our own data to push it in the right direction. Training out data doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s make it as easy as one, two, Bumblebee.