Kyle Oba

Kyle Oba

Senior Developer @ Fathom Information Design

Kyle works at a Fathom Information Design, building platforms and products for understanding data. He has experience building large-scale web and systems development projects, data analytics tools, and mobile applications. He collaborates with friends on experimental projects which have been featured by the Honolulu Museum of Art, Doris Duke Theatre, and the Honolulu Biennial Foundation. He loves collaborating and has initiated community projects, such as workshops, artist talks, and data visualization efforts. Kyle lives in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and is an avid freediver in his spare time.

Visualising Pathogen Spread with LiveView

Operation Outbreak is a game designed for students, simulating the spread of a virus using mobile Bluetooth. In simulation, students become “infected”, display symptoms, infect others, acquire protection, and may recover.

With Phoenix we allow students to collaborate during the simulation, and collect and visualize simulated viral outbreak data. Students analyze the data from their viral outbreaks, learning how viruses spread, and how their actions play a part in the spread or containment of pathogens.

In this talk you’ll learn about the role LiveView played in the iterative design process required to build highly customized tools for understanding complex data.

LiveView’s abstractions over messaging enable rapid prototyping of new, previously inaccessible, ideas. I’ll share our project in support of Operation Outbreak and the Sabeti Lab, including how I introduced Elixir to the design team at Fathom Information Design and improved performance to support larger simulations.