Maciej Gryka

Maciej Gryka


Maciej works at RainforestQA doing all kinds of data-related things: machine learning, visualization, BI, good ol’ software development and even product management. After getting a doctorate in computer vision and machine learning from University College London, he worked in web development, computer vision and finally ended up as a product manager and a startup founder.

Data Labelling is Good for You

In the age of AI, data is crucial. In this talk, I will try to convince you that creating your own data labeling pipeline is a critical part of using AI in your business and that Elixir is a great tool for it. While it’s unlikely you will produce a dataset of the size used by tech giants, I will argue that small data specific to your use-case is extremely valuable and that the process of labeling is valuable in itself.

I will walk through how we did this internally, what challenges we faced, how we solved them and what we learned in the process.