Marc Lainez

Marc Lainez

Owner & Co-founder @ Spin42

Marc is an experienced software developer and product manager. He started Spin42 with Loïc Vigneron and Thibault Poncelet in 2013 after several years freelancing. Together, they have built Ibanity in 2016, a financial institution aggregator written in Elixir that was sold in 2017. They have been working on Ibanity and other related products until the end of 2023 and are now tinkering and searching for new challenges. Marc has been an invited teacher at the university of Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium for 10 years where he introduces students in their third bachelor year to Agile software development practices.

Retrofitting a Car and Running it with Elixir

Extending a cars’ lifespan is not an easy feat. We need to ask ourselves what makes people enjoy a car today and what technology it should include. This talk shares the current state of our journey in retrofitting a car and building a new and open vehicle control system (OVCS), redesigning the engine controller and infotainment systems with off the shelve components running with Elixir.

We will explain how we reverse-engineered the proprietary CAN bus messages from the car, how we created our own raspberry pi CAN bus hats and how we used nerves to create firmware for the new electric engine controller and infotainment systems.