Marcin Lewandowski

Entrepreneur, jack of all trades with focus on multimedia.

He founded his first IT company when he was still in high school. A graduate of Human-Computer Interaction at Jagiellonian University in Poland. He was bouncing between the media and IT industries for quite a while. Founded a cult local FM radio station, then RadioKit, a SaaS startup aiming at building software for the media industry and then smoothly migrated into multimedia. Currently a partner at Software Mansion - a fast-growing software agency serving mostly US startups and product owner of Membrane Framework.

Membrane SFU: Bringing WebRTC to Elixir

Audience: intermediate

Membrane Framework is an Elixir-based framework for multimedia processing & streaming. Previously it was serving relatively niche use cases but with the recent addition of WebRTC, it now allows having many new types of applications. Elixir can be now used to send, receive and process audio & video streams to and from a web browser and mobile applications. If you ever thought about embedding video conference or webinars within your application, now you can learn how to achieve this with Elixir.